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French mendatroy electrical accreditation training BC B1V B2V BR BE - Electrician
Low voltage

Preparation for electrical habilitation
Training in line with the recommendations of the CNAM, CRAM and INRS - STRANDARD NF C 18-510

Stage de formation professionnelle












Any electrician responsible for consignment, working, troubleshooting, interventions or testing electrical structures.


Basic knowledge of electricity or good work experience.


Make the trainee capable of complying with the safety requirements defined by the publication NF C 18-510.
Each trainee will attempt to successfully complete the course adapted to your workstation:
Electrical habilitation BC, in charge of consignment, low voltage (Perform electrical consignment for work.)

Electrical accreditation B2 in charge of construction, low voltage (Ensure the effective direction of the work, take and enforce the necessary security measures and ensure their application.)

Electrical accreditation B1V electrician executor, work in the vicinity, low voltage (Perform power-off electrical operations on a logged facility under the responsibility of a construction manager. This may include, for example, operating electrical equipment, rearming guards, wiring a cabinet.)

Electrical accreditation BR in charge of general intervention, low voltage up to 1000 Volts in alternating, 63 A Perform troubleshooting and maintenance, power connection interventions : looking for a fault, a fault of isolation on an installation, consignment of a machine for its your account, electrical measurements as part of your operation, carrying out tests as part of your operation, replacement of BT fuses)

Electrical accreditation BE in charge of testing, verification, operation, measurement.





Programme du Stage


- Risk assessment: pathophysiological effects of electrical current
- Examples of electrical accidents (direct, indirect, short circuit)
- Classification of installations: Voltage fields
- Safety rules arising from electrical current hazards
- The people involved: table of accreditations
- Operations: definitions, electrical work, interventions (troubleshooting, connection, operation, emergency), manoeuvres (consignment, operation, emergency), measurements, tests, requisition, checks.
- Environmental zones: minimum approach distance, limit distance of vicinity, determination and rules to be applied in zones 1,2,3,4.
- Written documents: Attestation of Consignment, Work Authorization, Switch List, Under tension Work Request, Work Instruction, Under tension Work Authorization
- The functions of apparatus, the use of plans and diagrams, the advantages of locks and interlocks (approvals, standards, periodic checks)
- Impact of equipment design on personnel safety

Low voltage operations from 50V to 1000V

Low voltage power-off work BT
- The consignment and unconsignment in low voltage (separation of the work, condemnation in open position, identification of the work, verification of absence of voltage, ground in short circuit)
-Mission: the consignor, the supervisor, the contractor
Work in the vicinity of live bare parts in BT
- Risk assessments
- Procedures to be performed
- Mission of the electrical safety monitor
Intervention in BT (low voltage)
- Troubleshooting and Connection Intervention
- Replacement of fuses, lamps and lighting accessories
- Maintenance operation with presence of voltage

Safety in measuring operations

Portable and portable hand-held electrical appliances

Behavior to adopt in the event of an electrical incident or accident

- Notions of first aid, fire on an electrical structure, enclosed enclosures (Protect -Alert -Rescue, how to help the victim of an accident?, the first gestures).

Passing of the electrical accreditation tests by means of a mutiple choice QUIZ


Correction of electrical accreditation tests


Potential catch-up offered




Training possible in INTRA, at your premises, throughout France
Think of the courses that link and associate together
Training + Test electrical habilitation BC-B1V- B2V- BR
Training + Complementary Test High voltage electrical habilitation HT
Training + Test low and high voltage electrical habilitation
Training + Test electrical habilitation BS (guardian...)
Training + Test electrical habilitation B0 - H0V, in charge of construction site
Training + Test Recycling electrical habilitations obtained for a maximum of 3 years
Training + Test Recycling electrical habilitations B0 - H0V, in charge of construction site
Training Occupational first aid workers SST
Training Recycling Occupational first aid workers, 2 years maxi - MACSST
Training Working at heights and Hanging and lifting
Training Working at heights Wearing harness and PPE anti fall height
Training work at heights on secure site
Training working at heights on site not secured and choice of anchors
Training working at heights - rope work -training
Training Single Company Risk Assessment Document